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Xilinx is the engine behind 5G radio and mMIMO deployment. Only Xilinx provides adaptable 5G communication platforms, with highly integrated silicon featuring RF ADC & DACs, accelerated 5G NR, and the highest efficiency performance for mMIMO Radios, macro base station, and small cell deployments.? Discover more about Xilinx 5G enabled flexible infrastructure leadership through these video series.

Building the 5G Infrastructure
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MWC Conference Sessions

At Mobile World Congress, we held an incredibly informative multi-speaker session around our latest innovations and how it’s being deployed in 5G NR. Watch each presentation.

Session Abstract

Introduction and Overview Innovations with the Award Winning Zynq? UltraScale+? RFSoC:
David Brubaker, Sr. Product Line manager (Xilinx)

Next-Generation Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoCs:
Harpinder Matharu, Sr. Director (Xilinx)
Next generation 5G wireless networks require innovation at every level including HW architectures. Xilinx’s Zynq? UltraScale+? RFSoC with integrated RF sampling data converters and SD-FEC hard IP blocks provide a single-chip adaptable radio solution that meets the critical size and power requirements of 5G NR solutions. The latest features, along with use cases for this innovative platform will be discussed.?
AIRRAYS Massive MIMO Antenna Reference Design based on Zynq? UltraScale+? RFSoC:
Harpinder Matharu, Sr. Director (Xilinx) & AIRRAYS
Learn more about how to increase cell capacity and cell edge performance using Massive MIMO and carrier aggregation.? This panel is a cost-effective, small form factor, high antenna count solution that capitalizes on existing site and frequency assets.? By leveraging close partnerships with joint product development with leading vRAN providers, the panel is fully vRAN compatible.
Accelerating 5G Network Development with an Open Radio Access Network:
Xilinx & O-RAN Alliance
Open, standards-based network architecture with interoperable interfaces and off-the-shelf components, enables mobile operators to address a diverse set of demands in support of new vertical market revenue opportunities.? The O-RAN Alliance will join Xilinx on stage to discuss the latest in how to accelerate 5G network development with an open radio network.
Convergence in Access for 5G Networks:
Faisal Dada, Strategic Marketing Manager (Xilinx)
5G will require network upgrades and require new types of gear to address new network needs. Fronthaul gateways that allow both 5G NR and 4G LTE with traditional CPRI connections to coexist on the same network will become commonplace. Xilinx will discuss how fronthaul gateways may be built with our adaptable platforms. Further, we will show how the same hardware built for these fronthaul gateways can provide larger access services as well, including PON. Capital and operational costs must scale for cost-effective 5G services and Xilinx will show a path to a reducing CapEX, sparing inventory with ease of deployment.

5G Wireless Backhaul: Eband Multiband, and Beyond:
Alfred Rodriguez (Xilinx) & HCL Technologies
The deployment of 5G networks results in increased density, higher capacity and tighter latency requirements, dictating the need for new answers to solve the backhaul bottleneck. In this presentation, the challenges that wireless backhaul must solve and some possible solutions at the PHY layer level will be discussed.? The advantages of a programmable and scalable solution covering E-band and multiband links will be detailed.

Telemetry in 5G Cloud Native Mobile Networks part 1:
Awanish Verma, System Architect (Xilinx)

Telemetry in 5G Cloud Native Mobile Networks part 2:
Roberto Mari, Director Product Management, Barefoot Networks
?Telco edge in 5G networks will focus on providing high performance to mission critical and ultra-low latency applications. Traditional methods of? control plane analytics cannot scale for providing high performance at high throughput. In-band network telemetry using the P4 programmable data plane and P4 run time APIs offers flow analysis with the advantage of flexibility and performance. In this talk, the data plane telemetry (INT) solution advantages and its segment routing (SRv6) and machine learning use case will be discussed.
End-to-End 5G Infrastructure
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