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Aerospace and Defense

25+ Continuous Years Supporting Aerospace and Defense

Xilinx serves the aerospace and defense industry with commercial, defense, and space grade system-level solutions that span industry-leading FPGA and SoC devices, advanced IP solutions, and the next generation of design tools.

Our heritage has led to a deep understanding of our customers and the requirements to successfully implement and deploy the next generation of ground-based, airborne, and space-based applications. Continuous focus on this market enables Xilinx to reduce mission risk and system cost with our industry-leading solutions.

Silicon Devices

Heritage in specialized defense-grade silicon products makes Xilinx the smart choice to meet the rigorous demands of rugged environments and military systems. Defense-grade devices include, amongst other things, extended temperature range and fully leaded (Pb) components in ruggedized packaging.

A&D Cross-segment Solutions

Explore the following interactive table to learn how Xilinx addresses horizontal technology needs of A&D applications

The Xilinx Bare Die program satisfies the need for further SWaP-C requirements beyond small form factor packaging for systems that must have the lowest possible size and weight. Xilinx provides most products families in bare die and in some cases, whole wafer form.

Experienced packaging partners are available to help customers with assembling and processing Bare Die if needed.? These assemblies are typically modules based on organic or silicon substrates.

Bare Die products can be procured either through distribution or Xilinx direct sales and in all cases a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) applies. Please note that Bare Die products are sold under special terms and conditions.? Also, special documentation is available to allow customers to design with and assemble Bare Die.

See the Bare Die page for more information.

Xilinx is building an industry-leading ecosystem of DO-254 FPGA IP solutions and DO-178 embedded solutions.? The avionics site and avionics developers site contain guidance documentation, information on partners, SEU mitigation design tools, our SEU FIT Rate calculator, and more.? See the avionics site for more details or contact avionics@xililnx.com to discuss other needs. ?

Xilinx currently offers two design tool packages.

Vivado? is our latest design suite supporting 7 Series, Zynq-7000, and UltraScale devices. It has been re-engineered from ground-up as an IP and system-centric design environment geared to accelerate the design productivity for Xilinx’s devices. Xilinx will be increasing number of advanced design flow features over the next year and into the future.

ISE? is our heritage design suite. It supports all modern device families up to and including the 7 series FPGAs and Zynq-7000 SoC family. This suite offers current support for the latest advanced design flows which facilitate safe, secure, high performance, and low power solutions. The advanced flows include: Isolation Design Flow and Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration, and others.

Xilinx has made significant investments in advanced advances design flows:

For more information on how Xilinx addresses safety, security, and advanced design flows, including Partitioning, Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration, Isolation Design Flow, Qualified Bitstream Flow, please see the?Avionics Developers Site,the Isolation Design Flow page, and Secure Solutions pages.

Xilinx enables advanced DSP capabilities through hardware, intellectual property cores, and tool flows. See the DSP page for more information on DSP solutions and consider High-Level Synthesis (HLS) for your next design, in either Vivado or ISE Design Suites, see the HLS page for more details about targeting FPGAs with high-level coding in C, C++, and System C.

Xilinx offers a range of industry-leading embedded processing solutions.

Zynq-7000 SoC: Our latest 28nm SoC device contains a dedicated dual-core Cortex-A9 processing subsystem that is connected directly to FPGA fabric through an AXI interface. This solution allows for fully independent software and hardware development efforts.? The SoC device additionally accommodates hardware acceleration and expansion capabilities with custom IP and peripherals embedded into the FPGA fabric that are tightly integrated to and called from the processor subsystem. Learn more about the Zynq-7000 Family.

MicroBlaze? Soft Processor: Xilinx’s industry-leading FPGA-based soft processor based on 32-bit RISC Harvard architecture, with advanced architecture options like AXI or PLB interface, Memory Management Unit (MMU), instruction and data-side cache, configurable pipeline depth, Floating-Point unit (FPU), and much more. It is included free with IDS Embedded Edition, and is supported on all of Xilinx’s modern device families. ?The highly flexible architecture, plus a rich instruction set optimized for embedded applications, delivers the exact processing system you need at the lowest system cost possible. Learn more about the MicroBlaze processor.

DO-254 MicroBlaze: A DO-254 certifiable version of our widely deployed MicroBlaze soft processor.? This processor maintains the flexibility and configurability of the commercial version yet is delivered with full lifecycle artifacts (from PHAC to HAS, and everything in between), integration guidance, and certification support.? See avionics site and developers site and email avionics@xilinx.com for more details.

Xilinx IP enables increased integration and reduced development time for applications targeting our smallest FPGA to the largest capacity FPGA. There is no doubt that today’s FPGA designers are developing SoC solutions on devices of ever-increasing capacity and capability. Consider designing custom applications from ground-up, with no IP cores, for the Virtex 2000T 3DIC - that would be a daunting task considering this is the industry's highest capacity FPGA and the world's largest IC with over 6.8 billion transistors. Xilinx realizes the integral importance of IP solutions.See our Intellectual Property Cores page for more information of what IP is offered from Xilinx and our partners. For DO-254 IP support, see the avionics site.

Aerospace and Defense customers rely on quality components to enable long lasting mission critical systems.? Xilinx is the first company to yield and deliver reliable 28nm devices built on the HPL process. This is no accident, it with much diligence, analysis, and attention to design and fab process that we are able to deliver such results.? Xilinx is dedicated to delivering quality products and we have been well recognized within industry for doing just that.? We are one of few semiconductor companies to publish annual quality report and other failure rate data.? See our quality page for more detail.

Xilinx offers industry leading expertise and extensive experience in SEU effects with more than a decade of heritage in the area of radiation effects testing and mitigation. See Xilinx’s Space page for detail on solutions that are targeting applications beyond earth’s atmosphere. See the avionics site and avionics developers’ site for more details on how to handle SEU effects in terrestrial and airborne applications; this page contains links to SEU mitigation design tools and our SEU FIT Rate calculator.? And see our dedicated site for background on our general SEU work and heritage.

Xilinx is an industry leader, with extensive heritage, in delivering secure solutions encompassing anti-tamper and fault tolerance. Visit the Secure Solutions page to learn more.

Zynq?-7000 SoCs combined with Xilinx SmartCORE? IP address smart vision challenges in advanced image fusion and situational awareness applications.

Advances in Avionics, ISR, and UAV applications are driving increased demands for integrated imaging and control systems. These systems now combine high-resolution multispectral sensors with traditional visible and thermal sensors as well as positioning or geolocation data to drive displays or autonomous decision making in real time.

Situational awareness systems are leveraging 2D and 3D imaging as well as 360 degree surround view for real-time image/video interfacing, capture, pre-processing, analytics, display, and networking functionalities.

Zynq?-7000 SoCs are the ideal platform for image fusion and situational awareness applications across land-mobile, avionics, UAV and Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), as well as ISR systems – offering unprecedented levels of integration and DSP capability for optimal performance while driving down the SWaP-C requirements.

See the Smarter Vision page and Situational Awareness example for more information on how Zynq and SmartCORE? IP delivers value in today’s most cutting edge vision and display applications.

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