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Wireless Communications

Smarter Wireless Networks

Wireless networks are rapidly evolving into heterogeneous networks that employ many sizes or classes of basestation. In addition to macrocells, these networks now employ microcells, metrocells, picocells, and even femtocells. These different basestation classes must address different requirements. For macrocells and Cloud-RAN architectures, baseband and backhaul processing is separated from the radio using CPRI or OBSAI over fibre. Small cells lend themselves to far greater levels of integration where the backhaul, baseband and radio processing are typically combined into a single platform. The requirements for small cells differ significantly based on throughput, signal bandwidth, power levels and user counts and in some cases can be implemented in a single device.

Consequently, there’s been a real renaissance in basestation design and there’s a strong desire for the ability to reuse IP and algorithms among these various basestation designs wherever possible. From basestations to microwave backhaul, Xilinx is enabling faster, more cost-efficient wireless communications with solutions that help equipment manufacturers leapfrog their competition.


Smarter Solutions

Xilinx solutions include the?Zynq?-7000 SoC in addition to a suite of SmartCOREs and LogiCORE? IP that can be customized to optimally address your unique market needs. Xilinx Vivado? Design Suite and the Communications Design Center provide a faster, more flexible means to go to market with greater differentiation, lower risk and lower total cost of ownership than alternative ASIC and ASSP solutions. Xilinx customers can work with a dedicated team of in-house wireless experts, from design specification to implementation, and have access to industry-leading hardware, a robust library of application software, IP, software, support, and design services.

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The Xilinx Wireless Ecosystem

The Xilinx Alliance Program is an ecosystem of qualified IP providers, system integrators, and hardware suppliers that can accelerate your design productivity and get you to market faster. Alliance Program members are equipped to maximize the advantages of Xilinx Devices in developing market- and domain-specific solutions. To learn more about products from the Xilinx ecosystem specific to Wireless Communications please visit the Xilinx Alliance Program page.

Smarter Solutions

Featured Alliance Member

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