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The Xilinx AI Solution comprises of a Data Center AI Platform and an Edge AI Platform. More information on each is available using the links below.

Data Center AI Platform

The Xilinx Data Center AI Platform is available on a variety of Platforms including Xilinx Alveo accelerator cards and the Amazon AWS F1 FPGA instance.

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Get Started with the Data Center AI Lab (ML Suite on AWS)

Edge AI Platform

The Xilinx Edge AI Platform is available on Xilinx Zynq SoC and MPSoC Edge cards.

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Get started with Edge AI Platform Tutorials (ZCU102 board required)
Data Center

Data Center

The following resources are available to help you start developing with the Data Center AI Platform.


Edge AI Resources

The following resources are available to help you start developing with the Edge AI Platform.

Edge AI Tools

Product Documentation Tool Download File Size MD5 Checksum
AI SDK AI SDK User Guide (UG1354) v2.0 xilinx_ai_sdk_v2.0.5.tar.gz 3.2 GB 699bf21cd3c4de6ca7e599522425bc72
AI SDK Programming Guide (UG1355) v2.0
DNNDK? DNNDK User Guide (UG1327) v1.6 xilinx_dnndk_v3.1_190809.tar.gz 2.0 GB d8923ac50f9b2de74c3e48883e8d9968
DNNDK User Guide (UG1327) v1.5 xlnx_dnndk_v3.0_190624.tar.gz 3.2 GB 51d0b0fe95493a2e0bf9c19116b17bb8
DNNDK User Guide (UG1327)_v1.4? xlnx_dnndk_v2.08_190201.tar.gz 844 MB 45c70d9651eb36f14030f95a828258ef
DNNDK for SDSoC DNNDK User Guide for SDSoC (UG1331) xilinx_dnndk_v2.08_for_sdsoc_190214.tar.gz 667 MB 7f165aff5062497e4bb69b70773c49b1

Edge AI Evaluation Boards

Product Documentation Image Download DNNDK Version File Size MD5 Checksum
ZCU102 Kit ZCU102 User Guide (UG1182) petalinux-user-image-zcu102-zynqmp-sd-20190802.img.gz V3.1 311 MB 1d67b1380ffef0da18d923deb92b5f6b
xilinx-zcu102-prod-dpu1.4-2018.3-desktop-buster-2019-04-24.img.zip? v3.0 657 MB d49eab4d293d8d1af40fcc369e1c4f53
2018-12-04-zcu102-desktop-stretch.img.zip v2.08 571 MB d0d5faf8ece80b96f5591d09756d5a5d
ZCU104 Kit ZCU104 User Guide (UG1267) petalinux-user-image-zcu104-zynqmp-sd-20190802.img.gz V3.1 311 MB a238b286651fbb308cec923664980b34
xilinx-zcu104-prod-dpu1.4-desktop-buster-2019-04-23.img.zip v3.0 655 MB 503661dd1ee4549a562775034b95d0c8
2018-12-04-zcu104-desktop-stretch.img.zip v2.08 571 MB ada2420c4afbd89efdeea741e0917e26
Avnet Ultra 96 Ultra 96 User Guide petalinux-user-image-ultra96-zynqmp-sd-20190802.img.gz v3.1 537 MB aee8464d0fd52776567f28a221c80c71
xilinx-ultra96-prod-dpu1.4-desktop-buster-2019-05-31.img.zip v3.0 576 MB c9c6a5f5a772077abc8fffde6ea8f3db
xilinx-ultra96-desktop-stretch-2018-12-10.img.zip v2.08 566 MB c5d2422063213b4bc4c18a3223c6adc8
Avnet Zedboard Zedboard User Guide xilinx-zedboard-dnndk3.1-image-20190812.zip v3.1 315 MB 36706f19ec949ad964f6ab328f874e88

Edge AI Targeted Reference Designs (TRD)

Product Documentation Image Download DNNDK Version File Size MD5 Checksum
DPU TRD v3.0 DPU Product Guide (PG338 v3.0) zcu102-dpu-trd-2019-1-190809.zip v3.1 516 MB 7da64f1afd50717cb00647178188c7bc
DPU TRD v2.0 DPU IP Product Guide (PG338 v2.0) zcu102-dpu-trd-2018-2-190531.zip v3.0 410 MB 9ce946849d309c86e84a5e5c5fd90661
DPR TRD v1.0 DPU IP Product Guide (PG338 v1.0) zcu102-dpu-trd-2018-2-190322.zip v2.08 469 MB 3101cc91a5d121a8969613367b890b77

Platform Downloads

Product Download File Size MD5 Checksum
ZCU102 SDSoC 2018.3 Platform for DNNDK zcu102-rv-ss-2018-3-dnndk.tar.gz 1.3 GB 7102c6942eb65d8b9d258914f69c6eaa
ZCU104 SDSoC 2018.3 Platform for DNNDK zcu104-rv-ss-2018-3-dnndk.tar.gz 1.3 GB d5bc80aa8135a719e273e2ff6ca85762

Other Resources

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